high school, adolescence & way too many decisions

Lately I've been thinking a lot about growing up.
Even though I'm only half way through freshman year and all, it seems as if I already need to start thinking about life and college and jobs and all that boring grown up stuff. And the sad thing is, I probably should be! 
I just hate it. 
I can barely decide what kind of cereal to buy, okay?
And recently, I feel like I'm not getting enough out my youth really, like not livin' it up enough, or having the "teenage experience". 
Not that I really want to go out partying every weekend and get super wasted like everybody else in high schools everywhere or anything. 
But at the same time, staying up till morning studying and watching TV all alone on Friday nights isn't all that great either. (actually, I really enjoy it, and laughing with yourself at New Girl is pretty fun too)(I'm not being sarcastic)(or am I?)

Just listen to this song and cry about your social life with me: 
(not that I'm just assuming all of us blogging about flower crowns and James Franco and typewriters wouldn't have a booming social life or anything)
partying all night?
sneaking out?
drinking in the small town firelight? 
stealing police cars?
skipping school?
breaking into hotel pools? 
running from cops in black bikini tops?
It even says freshman.

But instead I decide to care about my grades and eat lunch in the algebra room with my 3 friends,
and then go make snow angles instead of "drinking vodka out of hawaiian punch bottles at like, 11 A.M." (legitimate quote from some idiot in my biology class)(yea, really, stupid I know)

But I feel like maybe I should go to parties and stuff (not that I'm invited or anything, hahaha.), because what if then in like 15 years I'm all like:

So I don't know what to do. 

And Lana and Marina aren't helping.