(aca-) awkward and tacky doodles (i.e. what I do in German class)

SOOoooooo these, my friends, are random little doodles that I do in German class after i finish the worksheets that everyone else takes the whole class doing.

I hope you all had a great valentines day.

Mine was uneventful...

My mom discovered this little thing of a blog today, and I'm really mad, so mom-if you are reading this, you can please stop now and never read this again because it's mine and you're mean and I promise to tell you whatever I want you to know already okay? love you <3

basically what my dream boyfriend is gonna do for me in 2 years when I'm a junior and can go to prom *mentally sends message to whoever that may be*

Add caption

I did a caption on the first picture and then I just got sorta lazy okay?

I should probably go to bed noowwww...