Haul // Santa Fe

Good Evening! Or morning or afternoon or night or whatever time it is where you're reading this...
I'd first like to thank you all for the lovely comments on my last post about high school etc. It was really nice to read them <3

My family went to Sante Fe this weekend, because it's only about 3.5 hours away and my mom wanted a mini vacation. 
I discovered it is #13 on some list of most hipster cities in the US, so that made me excited haha. 
It was actually really nice, I have been there a few times before but this time was able to go thrifting and do some stuff I hadn't done before.
Santa Fe has a really "Southwestern" sorta feel to it, because all of the buildings are in that sort of style, and there are lots of southwestern sort of shops for the tourists. It's not really my thing but the buildings are pretty...

This song seems appropriate (noooobody would have thought, am I right?!), even though Santa Fe is thousands of miles away from the ocean (sadly...).

I hardly took annyy pictures while I was there for some reason....

Gorgeous chili wreaths

These pretty poems/quotes were on windows all around the city
Thrift Haul from the Last Couple of Weeks
Isaac Mizrahi Shoes from Goodwill in Santa Fe- $5

What I wore yesterday

Ann Taylor LOFT striped shirt, San Francisco Goodwill- $7
Benaz Sarafpour for Target shirt, Santa Fe Goodwill- $3 (It's real silk guyz!)
black mesh top, San Francisco Goodwill- $5
Vintage houndstooth Peacoat, Durango Thrift store- $3 (yes, ladies and gentlemen, THREE DOLLARS)
vintage button up, Durango thrift- $2
details of the shirt above-velvet buttons and collar!!
Oversized green/blueish wool sweater, Santa Fe Goodwill- $3 (Gold buttonssss mwahahahaha) I put the sleeves in the pockets cause I'm cool like that okay?)
So yea, got some decent stuff! I wish there was a Goodwill here, because that is where I seem to get the best things!

I still haven't found Lula anywhere :( 

I'm going to get some film developed reallllyyyy soon, so my next post will hopefully be some scans!
Speaking of film, I am taking a film photography class this semester, which is really fun so far! All that we've really done is make pinhole cameras and then attempted to take some pictures with them. My first try worked, but then today I took like 5 different pictures and none of them did! It's really hard to get the exposure right...
Next week we will start to take and develop photos with actual film (instead of photo paper) and actual cameras, so hopefully that's more successful!