years ago today

Good afternoon! Happy Friday! It's the weekend now! You can stay up late watching Freaks and Geeks! 

oh wait, everybody else actually does stuff on the weekends. . . oops. 

I've decided that it's about time I post something, because its been almost 2 weeks now I think?

I've been super busy with schoolwork, and all of my spare time on the internet has been filled up with all-caps conversations with the lovely staffs of The Wandering and Outsider mag. 

And, I hate to tell you this, but I have a poetry essay due on Monday that I should probably be working on. 
So this is sort of a filler post. 

but hey, that means pictures! of pretty places I've been!
all pictures taken by me, Lydia Thompson. please ask if you would like to use them, I will probably say yes :) 
Photos taken with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel or iphone 3

Exactly one year ago today:

Street art in Tel Aiv

Pistachio and Poppy seed ice cream in Tel Aviv
juice stand in Tel Aviv, nomnomnom
Tel Aviv
Adorable dolls/sculptures at the Tel Aviv art market
Breakin the rules, Tel Aviv
Mosque in Akko
Akko street

  And exactly a year before that, in 2012:


Naples, or one of the most gorgeous cities on this planet omg
light in Naples or Rome, I can't remember...
Always-chaotic Naples at night
Procida, an island near Naples
You know, just a 2000 YEAR OLD MURAL in Herculaneum, one of the towns buried by Vesuvius (i.e. the volcano that buried Pompeii). We went here instead of Pompeii because supposedly it's more intact and smaller. 
There were tons of shrines in Naples...


Somewhere in Rome, probably the Vatican or something; Dinner

Wherever we travel, my family always has a goal- to find the best ice cream. We often have at least 3 servings a day! This was one of the best in Rome...
Rome street scene- I just realized the sign says Israel, which is really weird, but I swear this one is Italy!
So that's it! When we lived in Berlin we were able to travel a lot, because it was so inexpensive and everything was soooo close! These were both during winter break, which was always this week in Berlin. I don't have winter break till the week after next this year, and we aren't going ANYWHERE. Oh well, I'll probably just ski the whole time....

Do any of you have winter break right now or soon? Going anywhere?