It feels like I only go backwards

Yes, it's time. 

I'm going to write a blog post. 

Maybe. Here goes:

Hi people of the blogosphere! Long time no see! Obviously, I have not been the most-----i am now writing about 2 hours later, because the grandma of my best friend who I am staying with just came so I had to speak german and play cards with her (see what I mean?)-----reliable blogger, for various reasons I will only summarise for you. 
The last time I posted something was right before school ended, so I was super busy with projects and final exams. The day that school ended Mascha and I went to my grandparents' farm for 5 days, then to NYC for a week, then to berlin, then to an island in the baltic sea with no internet, and now we are back in Berlin. So I haven't had much time...
Today I met up with a friend of mine from colorado, and then I went and sat in a little cafe for 3 hours and drank coffee and ate a sandwich and drew and watched people, which was amazing and perfect and I felt like I was in a movie or that someone should really make I movie about me or that wait no I should make a movie. It was very emotional and I listened to High Highs the whole time which made it even more perfect. Like look where I sat: 

(excessive photos I know I know)

And here are some random pages of my sketchbook that I did recently.

I am so happy to be back in europe...