Outfit // Deadbeat Summer

       Top-thrifted; skirt-thrifted; bag-'do you read me?' Bookstore in berlin; flatforms-ASOS

It makes me so happy to be in a city in which everyone has such a unique style and I don't feel incredibly out-of-place wearing something like this. There are 2 huge thrift stores here that have more pricey (but still really cheap) vintage sections and then clothes by weight. One has a happy hour on Tuesday and the other on Wednesday so we always go during those times to get the 30% discount! I got the skirt I'm wearing at one a couple weeks ago along with a flannel and tropical-print coverup, and today I got these adorable pinstripe dungarees (only 7€!): 

For summer reading I have to read To Kill a Mockingbird and Slaughterhouse-Five. I finished To Kill a Mockingbird a few days ago and loved it! These dungarees will definitely be perfect for channeling Scout. Mascha and I are going to Prague next week (alone!) for a few days and I'm incredibly excited, so expect pictures soon!

Some random pictures from today: 

             Cool east German building

       This did not end well (hint: those                plants are poison ivy) 

       North African food for lunch 😍


                         That's it!